BabySPA started with the aim to improve baby’s physical and mental development by using swimming (warm - water) and massage method of strengthening and stimulation. Swimming is an activity that build strength, endurance and muscle tone, while Massage is a skin stimulation that encourages relaxation, parents-bonding and relief from colic and constipation.

Began in 2007 and now with 8 branches around Singapore with franchise opportunity, BabySPA is currently the leading name for baby leisure services

MISSION: Provide innovative and effective services through BabySPA system to strengthen and stimulate the physical growth and mental development of young children in our care.

VISION: To establish BabySPA as the market leader in the industry of baby care and holistic development to fulfill the parent’s aspiration and dreams for their children.

GOAL: To establish our brand by providing innovative and effective service to nourish the mind and body of young children under our care.


  • Caring - We value each baby, being compassionate and always working for the benefit of the families we serve.

  • Integrity - We earn and uphold the trust and confidence of others in us.

  • Teamwork - We work as one, together with our partners, to achieve and build a strong relationship based on tolerance, respect, trust and mutual cooperation.

  • Innovation - We constantly pursue new ideas and creative solutions to improve our services and ourselves.

  • Professionalism - We take pride in what we do and strive for excellence in our day-to-day work, attitude and in the services we provide.