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Overall, we have good experience with Babyspa. The staffs there are warm and friendly. My daughter enjoyed her swimming and massage sessions so much that she actually wanted more of it. In the end, we decided to sign up for more sessions for her. Totally recommend parents to try! - Yaya Eidayyah, FB Review

Nice staffs and ambience, we are very comfortable with the services. Will definitely recommend friends. - Desmond Tan, FB Review

We saw a significant improvement in baby's motor skills after attending just one session of the swimming and massage. The aunty is very professional and caring so we came by again to sign a package. My baby totally enjoyed the sessions.. Thank you BabySPA NEX!  :) - Kow BX, FB Review




It is never too early for a baby to learn how to swim, as they are already swimming in the mother’s womb. babies are born with natural swimming abilities we only need to give them the opportunity to develop it. At BabySPA®, water is warm and with the use of “neck float'“.

In a weightless aquatic setting which allows babies to move freely, providing a complete physical work-out strengthening your baby’s heart, lungs and respiratory system; develop their extremities and joints making them more flexible; promotes stimulation which also aids in the development of the brain. Also, regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns; ad an excellent way to bond with your baby, building self-esteem that sets a platform to adapt a positive attitude towards learning and exploration.



Studies show that babies who are often massaged lovingly grow faster and has a positive impact on subsequent development. Massage develops their first language, which is mainly touch; enhances their feeling of being loved and secured; helps to improve immune system function; relieves symptoms of colic and constipation; promotes relaxation and regular sleep/wake cycles.



Babies and kids tend to get scared and cry during a haircut. Thus a family-friendly environment is important to make them feel comfortable.

First Haircut home visit is also available by appointment.