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Baby's Edge to be Healthier, Smarter and Sociable.



Open: 11:30 am

Close: * 7:00 pm

Last Service: 6:30 pm

Did you know that babies are born natural swimmers?Their nine months in the mother's womb makes them adapt naturally to water environment and can enhance growth and development. There are benefits your baby can get from splashing, kicking and having fun in the water - it stimulates the body's nerves essential to your baby's well being, boosts their confidence, plus improves their musculo-skeletal system and a lot more to mention.

Our exclusive Water Training program is designed only for babies aged 1 to 24 months old. The pool is one-for-one system and the water is warmed to fit babies' body. A specially-designed neck float will wrap around your baby's neck to keep the head above water. The baby will be fully taken care of by our staff during Water Training. Special care is taken to ensure everything is safe and hygienic.

Don't wait too long before you bring them for a Water Training session, children of older age tend to be fearful and negative about water. If your baby is scared, be patient and let them take their pace. Every baby is unique.

Seize this excellent opportunity and come visit our outlets for a session, you can purchase this voucher as a gift also.

Follow these 4 simple steps to get the promotion:
1. Like our Facebook page BabySPA Facebook and Share this promotion on your Facebook
2. Click "Book Now" and “Add to Cart” to make the payment
3. Strictly by appointment. Call any BabySPA branch to book your slot
4. Present your Facebook to our staff when you come to BabySPA

Parents must make the following preparations:
1. Feed your baby at least 30 minutes to one hour in advance.
2. Bring some milk powder as baby will be hungry after Water Training.
3. Bring your own towel.

Terms and Conditions:
Voucher valid for 1 month from date of purchase.
Redeem only as stated on voucher.
Cannot be used on Public Holidays.
Print and submit your attached BabySPA Invoice to redeem.
Vouchers are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

Regular price per Water Training session: $49.00


10 Water Training Sessions (6 months valid): $420

20 Water Training Sessions (1 year valid): $750

Golden Card Unlimited Sessions (1 year valid): $1380


Open: 11:30 am

Close: 7:00 pm

Last Service: 6:30 pm

Studies have shown that babies who are frequently touched and stroked lovingly. tend to grow faster, recover from illness more quickly, sleep better, experience less constipation and fewer digestive problems.

They also recover from distress more quickly and are more settled.

Why massage your baby?

.Calms a fretful child and induces sleep by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

.Promotes regular sleep/wake cycles.

.Relieves wind and colic.

.Improves immune system function.

Who Should Attend?

Parent with baby aged 0-24 months old. You need not to be trained to be able to massage your baby. Our physiotherapist will do everything for you. Of course, we strongly encourage you to participate and learn how to massage when our physiotherapist is conducting massage for your baby so that you can also massage your baby daily.

Non-member - $26 per session

Members - $10 per session


Baby's First Haircut available at BabySPA. For babies aged 1 to 24 months. For home visit appointment, please call 66590292 one week in advance.

First Haircut home visit is also available by appointment.